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Blue patio doors with flower decorations on the wall in Spain  .jpg
Blue patio doors with flower decorations on the wall in Spain  .jpg


This is the best option for those non-EU residents who

  • Are willing to move to Spain and stay there for at least 183 days a year.

  • Enjoy the good weather, lifestyle, beaches, health care and excellent education system that you and your family members may benefit while living in Spain. 

  • Have sufficient saving to “ retire” with no desire to work in Spain 

  • Want to obtain a EU residency, and subsequently a EU passport, at the most economical  & simple manner.

The ONLY requirement of Non-Lucrative Visa is that you must have sufficient savings in your bank account. You will need to demonstrate a possession of 2,260 €/ month or 27,115 €/ year in a bank account in order to accredit that you can sustain yourself in the country.   (and 6,500 € / year for each additional family member in the same application)

Non-Lucrative resident visa is initially issued for 1 year and you can renew it for 2-year periods. Along with the main applicant, a spouse or children may be added as supplementary applicants. 

Like any resident permit of Spain, you will have free movement within the schengen area . Even though the retirement visa does not allow you to work in Spain, you can have your clients abroad, working remotely inside the country.


Your children can enjoy the free education in the public schools in Spain and there will be integration courses arranged for them to get familiar learning with the dual language of Spanish and English. 


Because we are extremely familiar with the process and we have connection with 3rd parties vendors, by engaging with us very likely you may end up saving the total cost required for the applcation. The experience and work efficiency of our lawyers will decrease the waiting period for an appointment. Besides, we know exact requirements of each Immigration Office in Spain and will solve any upcoming problems for you.

Mostly importantly, we will look after your settling process after you arriving to Spain. Including picking you up from the airport, helping you to get appointments and accompanying you for obtaining your Residency Permit.

Getting your padrón, helping you to look for rental apartments and ensuring the conditions of the rental contracts are favorable to you. We will accompany you to open bank account, find schools for your kids. And any trouble-shoot relating to your day-to-day adaptation of your new lives in Spain. This is extremely important given that not a lot of Spanish speak English. We are here to look after you. 

10 Years

Visa Free Travel

29 Schengen countries

Time Frame

From embarking with EPIC to visa approval - 3 months



 Spouse & children below 18 are qualified as complementary applicants

Minimum Investment


Path to Citizenship

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