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You know nothing about the country, and so you arrived. Being in a new country with most locals acquired very minimal use of English, it may help to have someone to pick you up from the airport, who have identified the suitable short terms stay right before you arrived. You need someone to book appointments for you to apply for residency card, your padrón, who are able to accompany you and address any questions raised by the immigration officers. 


You need someone to help you identify the right schools for your kids, and to look for mid-term rental, negotiate with owners for a rental contract which is favorable to you. 


As you are settling in, your needs are getting sophisticated. You may need a trust worthy tax accountant to address your tax issues. Your tenants may occupy your apartment without paying rent and you need legal assistance. You want to look for people to renovate your house once you have evicted them!


All in all, you need an anchor to support your day-to-day survival, and to tackle higher level’s challenges. EPIC Asia is here for you. 

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