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Traditional boats on the canal in Aveiro, Portugal. Colorful Moliceiro boat rides in Aveir


This is the best option for those non-EU residents who

  • Are willing to move to Portugal and stay there for at least 183 days a year to enjoy the good weather, lifestyle and very low cost of living.  

  • Able to demonstrate sufficient passive income to support your living in Portugal.

  • Freedom to live in Portugal and, if wished, to have a professional activity in this country.

  • Want to obtain a EU residency, an subsequently a EU passport, in a most economical manner in the shortest period of time ( 5 years) .

  • Want to take advantage with the special tax status with a 10-year international income tax break.

  • Access to other Portugal residents’ rights, such as free education and healthcare

Non-EU/EEA/Swiss citizen who intend to relocate to Portugal and have a reasonable net regular passive income can apply for this route to residency. The subsequent residence permit does not preclude the holder from having a professional activity in Portugal. Therefore, this is generally one of the best alternative to the Golden Visa for someone who actually intends to live in Portugal over an extended period of time.


A Portugal Passive Income D7 Visa or permit can only be applied for after a series of residence applications are filed by the main applicant at the Portuguese Consulate. Once this is issued, his/her immediate family members are also entitled to enter into the Portugal residence permit program under the  “family reunification” regulations.


The most prominent benefit of living in Portugal through the D7 visa, is that you can enjoy a 10 years world-wide tax break under the scheme called “ Non Residence Habitual” . This includes most foreign-source income, applicable to pension income, dividends, interests, royalties and real estate income foreigned sourced. 

Passive Income D7 Visa permits are issued as credit-card sized ID cards (similar to those of the Golden Visa and are registered with the Schengen Space central system, thereby entitling the holders to enter all Schengen Space adherent European countries with no need for a visa).


Do not hesitate to get in touch with us should you wish to learn more about any of the above or about the Portugal residence permit program.

10 Years

Visa Free Travel

29 Schengen countries

Time Frame

From embarking with EPIC to visa approval - 4 months

 Spouse & children below 18 are qualified as complementary applicants

Minimum Investment


Path to Citizenship



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