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YUAN ( The Hague, Netherland) 

Having received five years of training in China, Yuan previously served as a chef at a Chinese restaurant in the Netherlands. Recognizing the potential in the Dim Sum market in Madrid, she sought our assistance in obtaining a Self-Employed Visa. Having submitted her application in October 2023, Yuan is currently preparing for her fingerprint appointment in January 2024, a crucial step in acquiring her residency card and initiating the establishment of her business.



Isaac & Angela

In June 2021, Isaac embarked on his quest for EPIC Asia, aiming not to exceed a budget of 390,000€ for his Golden Visa application, which included his family of four.

After a thorough analysis of the advantages and disadvantages, considering Isaac's specific requirements, we opted for real estate as the avenue for their Golden Visa application instead of funds investment. Living in Geneva, Isaac made a trip to Lisbon for house hunting, spending four days exploring approximately 20 properties. Ultimately, he selected a 92 sqm, 2-bedroom apartment in Graça, a locale with significant potential for both rental income and serving as a second home for his eventual retirement. The total cost of the property, inclusive of renovation, amounted to 360,000 €.

By signing the reservation agreement on July 15, Isaac received the keys on August 23. The GV application was successfully submitted on August 30, 2021.

Key Timeline:.


70 days  From initial first call to EPIC Asia to submitting GV application

45 daysTotal lead time from finding an apartment to submitting the GV application                                 



Amy & Matthew / Kiki and Rayna


Amy and Kiki, representing two distinct families, both sought out EPIC Asia with a shared goal of providing their children with renowned and cost-effective education in Spain. They arrived in August and December 2020, respectively.

Amy opted to enroll her son, Matthew, in a local public school, which is free of charge. After a year, Matthew has achieved fluency in Spanish, allowing him to engage in everyday conversations seamlessly. On the other hand, Kiki chose to enroll her daughter, Rayna, in an international school where the school fees are only a fraction of those in Asia, and English serves as the primary language of instruction. As of now, Rayna has developed fluent English proficiency and can comfortably converse with her Spanish classmates.


Quinny & Mister /  Candy & Joseph

Both families of Quinny and Candy have never been to Spain, they were enticed by the youtube videos produced by EPIC Asia, and came to us seperately to expression their intentions to retire here in Spain. They have arrived here for around 6 months now, everyday they claim that it is a blessing.  They love here for the weather, the low cost of living, the very fresh produces and most importantly, the water of Madrid.


Quinny & Mister now live in Goya, they enjoy doing high-street shopping in spare time whilst exercising at the Retiro Park. Candy and husband live in Ventas, which is one Metro stop outside the M30 of Madrid, and three Metro stop from Quinny. By staying slightly at the outskirt of the city,  they are enjoying a very relaxing lifestyle surrounded by parks, as well as growing plants at their little garden in the house. 

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Anita and Kelvin

EPIC supports their D7 application from Hong Kong and they are currently residing at a town10 km north of Porto.  At the moment they are engaging EPIC for our property selection service, travelling around different parts of Spain to identify potential properties for Airbnb and student rental purposes.


Terry Li

It only took 2 months for Terry to have his D7 visa application approved,  from the day he first contacted us, Residing in Lisbon for 6 months now, he is running his own property business. Previously running many companies acting as CEOs in China, Terry claimed that there are more lucrative business opportunities here in Portugal than in Mainland China, where his origin is.


D7 / D2 clients in the photo - Eric Wang ( right top)), Paul Xin ( right bottom), Terry Li ( left top) 

Karen Golden Visa.JPG


Anna and Dave

Previously lived in Hong Kong. This British couple looked for EPIC in Jan 2022 to inquire about the visa. Together we signed the property final deed on March 2022, submited Golden Visa application in April and got approved in May 2022. 

They have purchased a state-of-the-art apartment in Valencia with a stunning attic with a panaromic view overlooking the Valencia city. Immediately the apartment was rented out in June at 1600 € monthly rental. 

Dave is currently working in UK and with the European residency the couple can come to sail in Europe anytime they like. 

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