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The new visa for remote workers is already available! Published on the 22nd of December, you can now start your application and benefit from this visa.

The digital nomad visa is a residence permit that can be extended up to 5 years and that will allow non-EU citizens to live and work remotely from Spain (that is, legally operating as a digital nomad in the country).

Tax benefits when obtaining your digital nomad visa

Apart from all the residency benefits seen so far, one of the main appeals of this new permit comes from the tax side.

The extra argument created to make this permit even more advantageous is the special tax regime that will allow digital nomad visa holders to save taxes.

Basically, you will be taxed through an improved Non-Resident Income Tax Regime.

In case you haven’t been in Spain for the past 5 years (instead of 10, as the general rule states); you will be allowed to pay a flat tax rate of just 24% on your income, instead of a progressive rate that can reach up to 48%.

In order to be considered as a non-resident for tax purposes, you will have to initiate a separate and different application process than the one you complete for the residency process, and you will do so with the Spanish Tax Agency during the 6 months after you obtain your residency authorization. 

This, in addition to allowing you to pay only 24% of income derived from work up to € 600,000, will eliminate the need to pay wealth tax or have to make the informative declaration known as model 720.

Finally, digital nomad visa holders will be able to request the deferral of the IRNR in the first and second year with a positive taxable income (without interests).

This advantageous tax regime will be extended for 5 years as long as you maintain your residency as a digital nomad, and then switch to the general regime.


Want to start your application NOW? Get in touch with us and start your digital nomad visa application:

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