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Modern House

Portugal is a second home to many expats. The enchanting coast, friendly community, and unparalleled climate make Portugal an ideal destination to relocate to. The capital, Lisbon, shines out as one of the most affordable European capitals. Lisbon has about half a million residents. Its small size and population give it a unique charm. 

The cities of Porto, Lisbon, and the charming coastal towns and villages which the Algarve are also popular among foreigners. Portugal has something to offer for any expat, whether you’re looking for the electrifying energy of a larger city or the magic of a quiet rural oasis.


In 2021, half of the district capitals on mainland Portugal saw year-on-year increases of more than 10%.  During that period, Faro led the ranking of annual increases in housing prices (+26.4%), followed by Setúbal (18.7%), Viseu (18.5%) and Aveiro (17.3%). In the range between 10% and 15%, besides Lisbon (+11.7%) and Porto (+10.3%), were Coimbra (13.5%), Beja (+11.8%) and Braga (+11.4%). (Source: Confidencial Imobiliário 2021)


Its worldwide 10 years tax-free regime for new residents and the simplicity of its golden visa application are the core reasons for an influx of international property buyers in the country. 

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